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Drew MacGibbon

Pub: 18 Oct 2023

Cultivating a Robust Company Culture with Core Values at Incubrain

Explore how Incubrain champions company culture through core values, emphasizing innovative thinking, resilience, and transparency to foster employee engagement and leadership in business.

In a world where change is the only constant, let's talk about the secret sauce of business success – it's not just what you sell, it's what you stand for. Enter the world of values, the unsung heroes behind the scenes of thriving company cultures. They're like your business's North Star, guiding decisions and shaping a workplace that's more than just desks and coffee machines.

Studies after studies, including those cited by Forbes, nod in agreement: strong company values are like a magic potion for productivity, creativity, and profitability. Think of them as your business's superpower!

CEOs and CFOs are onto this – more than half of them, to be precise. They see how culture influences the big stuff: growth, value, and those dollar signs. And HR leaders? A whopping 80% of them are rolling out the red carpet for employee recognition programs, making values more than just fancy words on a website.

Haiilo tells us that 37% of employees put a high price on recognition, seeing it as their ladder to success. Meanwhile, Bultin's got a number to wow you – 88% of employees believe a strong company culture is key to business victory.

But wait, there's a twist. Jobvite drops a truth bomb – 15% of job seekers walk away from offers if the company culture feels off. Ouch! Gallup adds another layer, revealing a gap between values and daily work life. And here's a number to ponder: 35% of U.S. workers would say "no thanks" to their dream job if the company culture doesn't vibe with them. Robert Half and TINYpulse back this up, highlighting that a mismatch in culture can lead employees to the exit.

So, what's the takeaway? Rock-solid, well-communicated values are like magnets – they attract talent, boost the workplace atmosphere, and pave the way for innovation and long-term success.

At Incubrain, we're more than just our products – we're a blend of ethics and leadership. Our values are the heartbeat of our company.

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Diving into the world of values, the Harvard Business Review, through Patrick M. Lencioni's insights, takes a hard look at corporate values statements. Lencioni points out that many of these statements miss the mark, sometimes doing more harm than good. He takes Enron as a classic case – a company that talked the talk but definitely didn't walk the walk.

Lencioni lays out four commandments for values that truly mean something:

  1. Know Your Value Types: It's like a value buffet – core, aspirational, permission-to-play, and accidental. Mixing them up is like adding too much salt – it just doesn't work.
  2. Authenticity is King: Skip the generic. Make your values uniquely you, woven into the fabric of your culture.
  3. Leaders, Take the Wheel: This isn't a job for HR alone. It's a top-tier mission.
  4. Live Your Values: Don't just frame them on the wall. Make them a part of everything – hiring, working, even saying goodbye.

It's a tough road, but the payoff is big. Real values set you apart and give your team a flag to rally around.

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Welcome to the Heart of Incubrain

Before we unveil the pillars that hold up the unique world of Incubrain, let's set the stage. Imagine a workplace where every idea is a seed ready to sprout, where every challenge is a stepping stone to innovation, and where every day brings a new opportunity to excel and grow. This isn't just a fantasy – it's our reality, crafted and nurtured through our core values.

These values aren't just fancy words; they're the compass that guides our every decision, the blueprint of our corporate identity, and the vibrant colors that paint our company culture. They are the silent heroes in our success story, the invisible threads weaving together the fabric of our team.

As we walk you through our core values, picture a place where creativity meets strategy, where passion fuels purpose, and where transparency builds trust. Welcome to the core of Incubrain, where values aren't just preached, they're practiced.

Now, let's explore the core values that make Incubrain not just a company, but a community.

Innovative Thinking at Work

We're not just open to new ideas; we crave them. At Incubrain, we're all about creative solutions and keeping things fresh and exciting.

Ownership and Leadership

We empower our people to own their projects, to be the captains of their own ships. It's about being accountable and proud of the results.

Resourceful Problem-Solving

Challenges? We love them. We're all about finding clever ways to tackle problems, proving that where there's a will, there's a way.

Resilience in Company Culture

We're like a bamboo in the wind – flexible yet strong. Our culture thrives on this resilience, pushing through highs and lows with determination.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Never stop learning – that's our motto. We dissect problems, innovate, and evolve, keeping our minds sharp and skills sharper.

Curiosity is Key to Innovation

Questions are our best friends. We ask, we explore, and we grow, fueling our journey of discovery and innovation.

Workplace Transparency

Openness is our policy. We believe in clear communication and valuing every voice, building a foundation of trust and teamwork.

Collaboration for Success

Together, we achieve more. Our culture celebrates diverse perspectives coming together to create something extraordinary.

Passionate Employee Engagement

Our team's passion is our rocket fuel. It drives our quest for excellence and makes our workplace a hub of energy and satisfaction.

Systems for Efficient Work

We love our systems. They keep us on track, ensuring smooth sailing and continuous growth.

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Values aren't just words; they're the DNA of a sustainable company. At Incubrain, our values are alive, shaping our actions and defining our identity. They're not just our roadmap to success; they're our commitment to making a positive impact on our community and industry.


What makes company culture so important in today's business environment?
Company culture is vital as it drives employee engagement, innovation, and resilience, directly impacting business success.
How do core values influence a company's operations?
Core values serve as guiding principles, shaping decision-making, employee behavior, and overall organizational ethos.
Can company culture impact customer satisfaction?
Absolutely, a positive and ethical company culture often translates into better customer service and client relations.


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